Globalization is fairly a broad term which is defined as the social, cultural, and economic integration of several countries, which gives them the opportunity to exchange resources, information and technology, products and other capital resources that help them continue with the economic relationship. Thus, globalization benefits everyone, but in an idealistic situation not only the country, but its people as well will most likely be benefited by globalization.
On this situation, countries are free to bargain and conduct business in every country. Though there are limits available, it should be noted that countries should be free in competing with other countries. Economy is the number one determining factor for countries to consider. It shows that the country is stable if the economic situation is on an average flow.
The great benefit of globalization is the competition. In this case countries even small countries are give opportunity to sell what they have in their country. It gives rise to an opportunity for them to deal with more business and earn more income. For some, they may have incurred payday loan to add up for their business capital, but in the end they are able to see the fruit of their labor if their business will become globally competitive.

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