Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal

Ever since I was in my childhood years I have always wanted to become a successful businessman someday. I told my parents about it but they were not that supportive of me. They would rather let me study law and become a judge someday rather than starting a business with small business money.
Both my parents are very successful and as their only child they would also would want me to be successful in life. They do not want me to venture on any type of business because of the problems and trials that one will face if in case the business is not going through well. My father has once tried it before but never had the chance to continue with it. There were a lot of problems and we were almost broke because of that. My father would not want me to experience that. He is so protective and very caring about me.
Even though my parents disagree on what I want, I still would want to pursue it. I would convince them and would try some strategies just to say yes to what I want.

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