Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money

Shopping is one way how girls let out their frustrations. It seems ironic for men since shopping for them makes them frustrated. Buying things makes one seem happy but then disappointed at the same time especially when you are out of cash and you end up with a bad credit unsecured credit cards.

Money on hand or be it credit card, a person can never live without those. You can’t just get out of your house without bringing any money or even a credit card. What if something happens to you down the road or there is an emergency? You can never be too sure that something will never come up. It is better to be prepared rather than being caught up with something.

Same goes to building a business. Without any capital, you can’t have a business on your own. There are so many things that money can buy but it can’t buy you happiness and love. Though it will make you happy and so does your loved one but the thing with money is, it is the root of all money.



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