Claim your money, online
Claim your money, online

Money claim online is a unique facility that allows people to make claims regarding money, online. Just log on to Her Majesty’s Court Service website and lodge your claim and reviewers will decide upon the verdict. If the claim goes unchallenged by the person you have claimed against, the payments are carried out, if however the defendant chooses to challenge your claim the official documents are reviewed in a court. All you need is a computer with internet access. Here is a look at the modus operandi.
If you wish to make a claim, you need to request a claim form and then file it online. The payments for the procedure can be made electronically by a credit card or debit card.
There is a £100000 cap on the amount that you can demand in such a claim. When the money claim site receives the information it sends you an acknowledgement message. After that the application is forwarded to the court which in turn notifies the defendant. Further developments occur after proper reviewing of the required documents.
Individuals and businesses alike can use money claim online to lodge their claims, however minors, government departments and monarchy cannot make use of this facility.
So make your claims, it’s easy and it’s quick.

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