Fraud in the UK with credit cards
Fraud in the UK with credit cards

Thamesmead was supposed to be a beautiful community in south east London where consumers could enjoy pubs, shops, and a quiet place to live. Unfortunately, Thamesmead is now considered the fraud capital of the UK. Many refer to it as Little Lagos rather than Thamesmead due to the criminal element in the area. From the Thames to east of Greenwich is filled with apartments; however, in the last five years fraud has become the centre of this area.

Andrew Goodwill, who heads a fraud prevention company, stated that Thamesmead has the worst record of any UK city or borough. Last year there was more fraud in this little area than most of Europe. A lot of the addresses are being rented by individuals involved in fraud. New flats were built in the area, but many think this has attracted the wrong individuals. Several letter boxes have been ripped open and a number of piles of mail on the floors can be found at these addresses.

One couple that lives in the area said a delivery company refuses to go to that area because it is dangerous and the potential for credit card fraud is extremely high.

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