Stolen Student Credit Card
Stolen Student Credit Card

Any credit can get stolen, no matter what type you have. But if it does you should know how to deal with the card company, the police and the credit bureau. Stealing a credit record and/or a person’s credit identity is the worst form of stealing. It used to be when your card was stolen you only worried about the amount the thief would charge to your card. Today, it’s not just the card and other debit cards, stolen identity is a problem as well. Report immediately any stolen or lost student credit cards to the company and the police. Have a record of the card number and its phone numbers safely at home so you can make contact with the company and declare it unusable. Also contact the credit bureaus that keep track of various credit records, these being Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Request to these firms to place a “fraud alert” on your account.  This way no new credit can be granted without your approval.  So that everything will be in writing, keep a copy of your written letter you send after a follow up phone call.

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