Hidden Fees for Airlines with Credit Cards
Hidden Fees for Airlines with Credit Cards
It was recently discovered the airlines have various policies when it comes to booking charges with the use of credit cards or debit cards.  Some airlines have increased their charges in the last 18 months regarding credit cards.  Other airlines have stopped adding levies on to the airline tickets for these credit card customers.  The trouble is that most holiday makers have been using their credit cards to book flights.  They are going online to look for the flights, buying them, and can be oblivious of the fees.  The airlines have not always made it clear what the taxes are when charging a customer, thus many have been unaware they are being charged for using their credit card over another type of payment.
One site charged £10 more for a flight because the consumer used a debit card.  Another customer paid £2.50 more for using a credit card at a different online booking service.  Before 18 months ago this fee was not being charged to the customers.  One business stated that not all credit cards will exact a fee.  In fact there are hundreds that they do not charge a fee with.  However, some credit or debit card companies charge the business more to take that particular card and they want to make that fee up by charging the customer.
Ryanair has increased their fee from 70p to £5 per person for debit card bookings.  Another company increased their fee by four pounds per person.  Some understand that there is a fee airlines have to pay for consumers using credit or debit cards; however, they are not making this clear to consumers.  Instead, many companies have hidden them in their other taxes and the airlines have no regulated fee.  They are charging whatever they wish to, making it harder on the passengers.

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