Beware Of The Tricks Credit Card Companies Use
Beware Of The Tricks Credit Card Companies Use

Credit card companies have lot’s of tricks that literally cost you lot’s of money. They will often try to encourage you to take out theft insurance which can be quite expensive. You’re only liable for about $50 if your card is stolen and theft insurance will probably cost you much more than that.

While disability insurance will make your payments if you’re unable to work, it won’t keep your credit from getting ruined. Even though you have paid for it every single month, it may take the insurance several months to start making your payments.

If you’ve applied for a credit card with a specific rewards plan, make sure that you get the card you wanted. If you’ve been turned down for the specific card you applied for, they may send you a different one instead. Make sure it’s the right card before you activate it.

If at all possible, never get a cash advance on a credit card. Even if you have a low interest rate card, the interest rate for cash is much higher. And, unlike a purchase that has a grace period before interest is added, the interest on cash is added as soon as you get the money.

While everyone knows that their payment is due on a certain day of the month, many don’t realize that some companies also expect payment by a certain time on that day. Check your statement carefully to see if there is both a date and a time listed when the payment is due.

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