Is Insurance that Important?
Is Insurance that Important?

Insurance is always needed because it gives you the confidence that nothing will lever happen to you in times of difficulty. Of course this only pertains to the money that you will receive. The thing about insurance is that it does not only pertain to health. It also pertains to other things such as credit cards. There are plenty of credit insurance companies that will support you with your spending. They may be out of their minds to give you your insurance but the thing is, they are actually earning a lot out of your fees.

There is no clear cut definition on the type of work that they are doing but the truth is, they can just give you whatever it is that you need and then you will pay them back. If you think that they will support you in times of need, they might even be the ones who will rob you of your money and your dignity.

If you value your work too much, then you need to work hard and earn but if you don’t then your dignity must probably come really cheap.

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