Gold, a safe haven in times of adversity
Gold, a safe haven in times of adversity

Gold and other precious metals are said to be unique assets because they are liquid specimens and real value. Company shares are liquid although not real and real estate is real but not liquid, which makes gold an attractive commodity investment.

Investing in gold bars is done by those who want to store their assets in gold.  Generally, bars are less expensive than gold coins bought in the same weight. Investors who purchase gold coins do so for a stable way to preserve their wealth. Because of the current economy, some find gold bullion and coins a better choice over bonds, stocks and currency.

Gold coins such as the Krugerrand, Panda, gold sovereign and Maple are all purchased by those who buy for their aesthetic qualities and others collect coins to complete a set.  Whether you are an investor or collector, to know gold better, you must understand its history so do your homework before you make any type of investment. Scrap gold is another option and this form can be bought at a price that is much closer to the price of gold at that time. Buying gold in its cheapest form such as bars, Krugerrand or sovereigns can be a good piece of advice to those new to investing.

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