Living la vida Ikea
Living la vida Ikea

My apartment could be photographed for an Ikea catalog. It is amazing how when my wife and I need something for the house, we try to give other stores an opportunity. We go to Ikea only after we have seen what we are looking for at other places. However, at the end, we go to Ikea and buy exactly what we wanted–Not exactly, because the designs at Ikea always surprise you, in one way or another.

My favourite chair, our dining table, the entertainment center, our home office desk, a little table for the laptop, the foot lamps, a beautiful knives’ set, even our pillows, it is incredible how many things we have from Ikea, and we are not the kind of couple who spends their weekends or evenings walking down the aisles of the stores. We often try to find discount vouchers. Ikea is always the best option, because they have an impressive combination of prices and designs. When a thing is expensive at Ikea, it is the most beautiful thing you are going to find. And when it is a normal thing, you are not going to find a better price for it.

Ikea is an incredible store, where everybody can find what they want, and what they didn’t know they wanted.

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